Investment Thesis

Our real estate investments are based on two principles:


        Long-term ownership in markets with

        a) strong economic fundamentals

        b) above-average population growth

        c) structural supply constraint


       Maximizing the velocity of the equity invested in these markets.




 We purchase properties in markets where economic fundamentals suggest that rents will experience above-inflationary increases for the foreseeable future due to both increasing demand and supply limitations


We purchase properties with enough spread between cost and value so that a majority of the invested equity can be returned after stabilization through a refinance while the asset is held long-term. 


This returns capital to our investors for reinvestment while retaining the value created and allowing the market fundamentals to drive further appreciation.

Depending on our clients’ goals, we typically recommend one of the following investment types:


Value-Add investments are existing buildings purchased with below-market in-place rents and a requirement for additional capital investment and leasing to increase the property’s cash flow and market value.

Initial cash returns to investors are typically minimal but increase substantially upon stabilization and a refinance (usually within 12-24 months).


Opportunistic investments are generally ground-up construction projects started from bare land. They do not have in-place cash flow and are generally seen as a higher risk/higher-return investment.

Cash returns to investors typically commence after stabilization of the asset but generally offer higher returns than other investment types.

Tax-Efficient, Cash Flowing

Certain properties (mobile home parks, car washes, gas stations, etc) offer significant tax benefits to investors through accelerated depreciation, tax credits and other tax strategies. These assets frequently produce significantly higher cash yields than other property types. 


We target opportunities that allow investors to recoup a majority (if not all) of their initial investment during the first year of ownership through tax savings. Coupled with above-average cash yields, these investments are compelling for high-income earners looking to diversify their portfolios.

Working With Us


It all starts with you! Our clients’ unique investment goals drive our acquisition targets and investment structures.


Whether targeting a tax-efficient separate account acquisition, improving the management of a client’s existing asset or executing a value-added business plan, we leverage our deep experience and long-term relationships with market experts to drive value throughout an investment’s life cycle and capture the highest achievable returns for you!


We do this with a three step process:



 Initial meeting to understand your background, investing goals and risk tolerance.


Create a tailored investment plan / structure based on the your goals.


We target, acquire and execute on a compelling real estate investment that is aligned with your goals.



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