Active Projects

6045 NE Simpson St., PDX

  • Property Type: Multifamily
  • Investment Type: Value-Add
  • Deal Size: 9 Units
  • Deal Summary: On-market acquisition of a Class C multifamily property in NE
    Portland. Very attractive basis with strong mark-to-market and management
    upside potential.
  • Liquidity Strategy: 3-5 Year Hold to Cash Out Refinance or 1031 Exchange.

17924 SE Division St., Gresham

  • Property Type: Multifamily
  • Investment Type: Value-Add
  • Deal Size: 30 Units
  • Deal Summary: Equity syndication. Off-market acquisition. Very attractive basis with a heavy physical and management value-add.
  • Liquidity Strategy: 2 Year Stabilization to Cash-Out Refinance and Indefinite Hold.

4961 SE 73rd Ave, PDX

  • Property Type: Multifamily Development
  • Investment Type: Opportunistic
  • Deal Size: 30 Market-Rate Units | 2 Buildings
  • Deal Summary: Off-market acquisition of a multifamily development site in Portland. Ownership redesigned the buildings, renegotiated an existing utility easement and resolved a boundary line dispute in order to increase the site’s unit count by 58%. The property will include geothermal HVAC, solar power, townhouse-style units with interior mezzanines and 1.5 bedroom units to enable remote working for tenants.
  • Liquidity Strategy: Cash-out Refinance and Hold.

1804-8110 SE Raymond St, PDX

  • Property Type: Multifamily
  • Investment Type: Value-Add
  • Deal Size: 16 Units
  • Deal Summary: Off-market acquisition of 16 Class C multifamily units in SE Portland with in-place rents 25%+ below market.
  • Property Repositions Plan: rebranding, minor exterior cosmetic upgrades and upgrading the interiors to B+ finish quality as tenants vacate.
  • Liquidity Strategy: Cash-out refinance with long-term hold within 2 years of acquisition.

3823 SE 52nd Ave, PDX

  • Property Type: Multifamily
  • Investment Type: Value-Add / Opportunistic
  • Deal Size: In-Place:  9 Units, 18.900 SF lot size                                                  Proposed: 48 Market-Rate Units
  • Deal Summary: Property was acquired prior to a zoning change that allowed for significantly more density on-site. Ownership plans to redevelop one of existing structures (an 1890’s historic farmhouse, currently a 6-plex) and add two additional apartment buildings to the site in phases. The historic renovation qualifies for a NPS tax credit, reducing the redevelopment costs by 25%.
  • Liquidity Strategy: Refinance and hold.

322 SE 82nd Ave, PDX

  • Property Type: Commercial (Retail | Office)
  • Investment Type: Value-Add
  • Deal Size: 15,000 SF, 2 story, multi-tenant retail/office building
  • Deal Summary: The building was delivered 75% vacant, allowing the partnership the ability to immediately perform exterior and interior capital improvements and begin work on leasing.
  • Business Plan: re-tenanting the building and improving the adjacent commercial lots with food-oriented retail (national drive-thru coffee chain, food cart pod, etc.)
  • Liquidity Strategy: Cash Out Refinance or 1031 exchange within 36 months.

12404-12420 NE Halsey St., PDX

  • Property Type: Commercial (Retail | Cell Tower)
  • Investment Type: Value-Add
  • Deal Size: 16k SF | 3 Buildings | 2 Tax Lots
  • Deal Summary: Strong in-place cash flow with 5+ yr WALT and significant near-term mark-to-market upside on 30% of NRA.
  • Liquidity Strategy: 1-3 Year Stabilization to Cash-Out Refinance or Partial Sale

Past Deals

1804 NE 14th Ave, PDX

  • Classification: 7-Unit Value-Add Multifamily in Portland’s Irvington Neighborhood. 15-month hold.
  • Investment: Joint Venture (TIC)
  • Investor Benefit: 250.1% IRR | 4.1x Eq Mult | Joint 1031 Exit

1239 SW Woods St, PDX

  • Classification: 13-Unit Value-Add Multifamily near OHSU in Portland’s SW Hills. 14-month hold.
  • Investment: Joint Venture (TIC)
  • Investor Benefit: 123.0% IRR   2.5x Eq Mult | Separate 1031 Exits

Acqua Apartments

  • Classification: 100 Unit Multifamily development near Portland’s Southwest Waterfront.
  • Investment: Construction equity syndication.
  • Investor Benefit: 22.7% IRR

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7706-7726 SE Washington St., PDX

  • Classification8 Unit Value-Add Multifamily in Portland’s Montevilla neighborhood.
  • Investment: Preferred equity, current pay.
  • Investor Benefit: 18% annualized return

2507 SE Monroe St. Milwaukie, OR

  • Classification: 8 Unit Value-Add Multifamily in Milwaukie, OR (south Portland Metro). Value-add acquisition to value-add exit. 12 month hold. Peak Asset Management was retained by Buyer for continued property management services.
  • Investment: Preferred equity, current pay.
  • Investor Benefit: 18% annualized return.

100 N. Killingsworth, PDX

  • Classification: 7.5k SF Value-Add Mixed-Use building near Portland’s
    Williams/Vancouver corridor. Heavy physical, leasing, and management value-add. Over 2x NOI increase during stabilization. 24-months to liquidity event (C-O Refi)Investment: Joint Venture (TIC)
  • Investor Benefit:
  • ◘ Full Cash-Out Refinance (110% of Equity).
  • ◘ Significant accelerated depreciation (70% of the contributed equity)
  • ◘ Long-term hold with recurring cash flow

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